About Us


The Company

Sendme3 is the latest in comparison matching engines, designed specifically to provide our customers with a rich and unique experience way beyond any current internet offering.

Sendme3 focuses on providing you with the very best customers and in turn giving you the best value for your digital marketing $dollar.

Because we directly manage several interaction points in the customer acquisition process, we are able to deliver you great customers on your terms, with a level of accountability and control you’ve never witnessed before.

The company is currently active in Australia & NZ – we are sourcing expansion opportunities into the US – UK and South Africa.

Our head office is located in Brisbane, Australia.

Highest Quality Leads

# Because we specialise in search comparison leads, we reach consumers who are the most ready to buy.

# We offer either exclusive or shared lead options depending upon your industry or business sector and budget or campaign needs.

Advanced Targeting

# Because of our comparison matching engine we only provide leads that make sense for your business.

# We can target by postcode, town/city or state.

# Demographic filters are also available.

Fast Lead Delivery

# Our lead buyers receive leads in real time - often reaching the customer whilst still at their computer.

# You can review leads by email and text message.

# We are also compatible with most CRM Systems.

The Founder

We have been working on our unique matching engine and business concept for over 6 years. The partners come from significant internet lead conversion backgrounds dealing in millions of internet driven leads over multiple business sectors.

We currently work on some of the largest most powerful internet brands on the planet.

Sendme3 is a unique future for our lead conversion model as it brings together customers and services or products providers using a quick simple and easy and proven model that eliminates the largest customer angst.

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