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At protecting personal information is the single most important item regarding your privacy. Recent changes have been enacted such as the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Cth) and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) ('the Act') and the Credit Reporting Code of Conduct ('CRCC') and as such this means that we at have further obligations in relation to the ongoing protection of your personal information. The Act, is in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles and the CRCC, now determines how we must handle your personal information.

So this is now a summary of our current policy on the collection, management, integrity, security and disclosure of and access to your personal information about our clients and on occasion our client's customers; these entities that include but are not limited to companies, individuals, trusts, trustees and their assigns ('you') whose personal information we may collect, manage,  secure, disclose and correct in accordance with our reasonable business purposes.

At no time are you asked by Pty Ltd to provide Driver’s License – Date of Birth or your personal Financial Details and as such many of the above/below policies will not apply.



The purpose of collection and disclosure of personal information and how we manage and protect that personal information – See below the types of information we may collect.

if you provide us with personal information about another person (such as a family member), please make sure that you tell them about this policy.

Contact details (email address, contact phone number, Full Name) and publicly available information.   

Should we collect this type of information it is generally collected directly from you or from third parties and disclosed to our clients that may include Fitness Colleges, Lawyers, Debt agencies, VET providers or Accountancy firms depending on which site you have entered your details into.

We use personal information for a variety of reasons including to:

  • provide services and products to our customers;
  • answer your inquiries and deliver customer service;
  • tell our customers and prospective customers about other products, services or promotional offers that we think may be of interest to them;
  • tell Energy Watch customers and prospective customers about other products, services or promotional offers that we think may be of interest to them;
  • ensure we comply with the requirements of our participating providers;
  • maintain and improve our customer service;
  • meet our regulatory and legal obligations;
  • manage and resolve any legal or commercial complaints and issues;
  • consider job applicants for current and future employment;
  • manage our relationships with our participating providers, suppliers and stakeholders;
  • carry out internal functions including training; and
  • conduct marketing research and analysis.

In the course of conducting our business and providing our services to you, we may disclose your personal information. In particular, your personal information may be shared between the Sendme3 Pty Ltd businesses for the purposes outlined in this policy.

We may also use your information for other purposes required or authorised by or under law, including purposes for which you have provided your consent. That consent may be written, verbal or implied from your conduct.

We may also be required to use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the law (for example by direction of a court/tribunal).

Unsolicited or sensitive information     

At times we may sometimes collect sensitive information. Information deemed as sensitive is only collected if the information is reasonably necessary for the purpose of performing our normal business functions and activities. We will destroy unsolicited information, be it sensitive or otherwise, unless it is necessary for the reasonable purposes of our business.

Anonymity or pseudonymity    

We will preserve the anonymity or pseudonymity of an entity where practicable, in the circumstances and in accordance with the law.

Quality of personal information              

We will take all reasonable steps to maintain accurate and complete personal information. You may access your personal information and request that your personal information is corrected.

Direct Marketing            

We will not use and/or disclose personal information for any marketing purpose.

Government related identifiers              

Unless you otherwise authorise us, we will not collect and/or disclose government related identifiers with the exception of those which may be collected in order to accurately identify you. does not at this stage have any reason to collect this information.

Overseas Disclosure of de-identified information          

We do not disclose information to overseas recipients that is not readily ascertainable and therefore completely de-identified. Due to the fact that the personal information is de-identified it is therefore not subject to any obligation for overseas disclosure under the Act or the APP's. does not at this stage have any reason to collect this information.

Security of Information - Administration security

We may in the future appoint specialist service providers for our business such as lawyers, and external information technology contractors. These service providers are authorised to use personal information maintained by our business to the extent that is necessary for them to provide the contracted services. Our service providers are required to treat that information in the strictest confidence in accordance with confidentiality provisions in our agreements with the service providers and otherwise in accordance with the law.



Website Access and Use

When accessing any Pty Ltd related website cookies may be used by us to collect information including IP addresses about visitors from our website.  As is evident there are many aspects of the site which you can view that requires no entry of any personal information, however, for access to future Pty Ltd . In some search features you may be required to submit personally information. The website cookies allow us determine who has seen particular pages on our website and how frequently. On occasion this can help us to see your preferences and allow us to recommend content we believe you'd be most interested in or would be most relevant to you.

For each visitor to reach the site, we expressly collect the following non-personally identifiable information, including but not limited to browser type, version and language, operating system, pages viewed while browsing the Site, page access times and referring website address. This collected information is used solely internally for the purpose of gauging visitor traffic, trends and delivering personalised content to you while you are at this Site.

From time to time, we may use customer information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our privacy notice. If our information practices change at some time in the future we will use data collected from the time of the policy change for these new purposes only.

At no time are you asked by Pty Ltd to provide Driver’s License – Date of Birth or your financial details and as such many of the above policies will not apply.


Access to and correction of your personal information

You can request access to and correction of your personal information that we hold by contacting us by way of the following methods:

By email to

By using the Information Access and Correction form on our website

At our website using the contact us facilities

By mail to The Compliance Department, Sendme3 Pty Ltd, PO Box 2091, Ashgrove QLD 4060

By telephone on 0447 077 799

We will endeavour to provide you with the copies of the personal information you require or to correct your personal information within a reasonable time following receipt by us of your request.

If a fee will apply to supply of the information, or we are permitted by law to withhold certain information, or we are unable to correct your personal information, we will advise you as soon as reasonably possible following receipt of your request for that information or correction.

At no time are you asked by Pty Ltd to provide Driver’s License – Date of Birth or your financial details and as such many of the above policies will not apply.




Destruction of Information

We will destroy personal information upon your request. You can contact us 07 3166 8860 or by accessing our website The exception to this is if the personal information is required in order to fulfil the reasonable purposes of our business or the information is required to be maintained and/or stored in accordance with the law.

At no time are you asked by Pty Ltd to provide Driver’s License – Date of Birth or your financial details and as such many of the above policies will not apply.

Complaint procedure

If you have concerns about how we manage your personal information you may contact our internal dispute resolution team ('IDR') on 0447 077 799 or use our email facility or our contact us facility on our website. We will provide you with an acknowledgement upon receipt of your complaint and seek to resolve it within 45 days

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the resolution provided you may escalate your complaint to the Information Commissioner using the OAIC website or telephone 1300363992.

For further information about privacy obligations please visit the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website at

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